Arduino Leonardo - Cannot upload code.

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Re: Arduino Leonardo - Cannot upload code.

Postby arrowbenz » Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:17 pm

Finally thngs work out...... :D ...OK GUYS... whenever u hav a driver problem there is on thng that u can do apart frm worrying

" First open arduino software(sketch) then connect the arduino board to it now quickly go to TOOLS ->SERIAL PORT and select the new COM XX port. when u select it, a permanent connection to ur new COM port is establish. Then need to follow the following steps:

1.) Go to DEVICE MANAGER in control panel. Scroll down and select Ports (COM and LPT), then Next.
Right Click on the new COM XX port selected. Then -> Update Driver. Select to Browse for the Driver and then Select -> Don't Search, Let me pick from a list of devices

2.) A window will open. A new window will open. Click on Have Disk...Browse for the downloaded unzipped Arduino folder and navigate to the drivers folder inside it.Select according to ur Arduino XXXX.inf file and Click on OK.

3.) It will display a warning telling you to not install the driver as it is not digitally signed.But, don't worry, it will work. The installation will finish by selecting Continue Anyway. "


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