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Difference b/w Ultrasonic Transduer pair and module

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:15 pm
by akhandal69
I was wondering if I could use an Ultrasonic Transducer pair (like this one ) instead of an Ultrasonic module(module recommended online by anonymous).

I don't need to calculate distance for a robot car or anything,I just need to transmit and receive signals from the sensor,If i select the module I still need to unsolder the Transmitter sensor and wire so that i can hold it in my hand to transmit and the receiver on the other hand to receive signals and process tunes on varying distance by 3.5 mm output ............
Is it possible to use the transducer pair instead of the module ??
what are the differences b/w a sensor module and the transducer pair ??

Re: Difference b/w Ultrasonic Transduer pair and module

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:12 pm
by abhimanyu
By purchasing an Ultrasonic Transducer pair, you will need to create your own circuit to drive them. You will need to use Crystals, or any other timing circuit like the 555 Timer IC to generate Oscillations (See Page 3 of the Application Note for the Pair). Since, you will be getting only the transducers, there will be no onboard processing capability like the Complete Module.

The picture of the Complete Module shows a Crystal at the front and if you can find the rear-view picture anywhere, i bet there is some complicated electronics going on (A Microcontroller and a timing generator Circuit).

For your application, you do not need to Desolder the module as the Tx/Rx pair is calibrated to send and receive Echoes of a particular Sound Frequency, say, of 40kHz. What you can do instead is to hold the complete module in your one hand and use the other hand as an obstacle. The module will give you the distance between the two hands based on which you can generate tunes (If that is what you are looking for).

Re: Difference b/w Ultrasonic Transduer pair and module

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:06 pm
by akhandal69
The schematics for my project is attached ,I need to desolder the emitter and re connect,well this is a different thing,If you can help me with the circuit and IC used in making it,then do post it soon !
Do you sell Ultrasonic Ping Sensor ?

Can you be more specific about the circuit of making the module from transducers,If the module is available on your store,then no need of the circuit !
can there be any alternative for the module ?
a way to use transducers or any other component easily available ?